HR Consulting Services

We offer end-to-end and pragmatic solutions to complex HR challenges, tailored to clients business.


Our customized HR Solutions are formulated based on organization needs hence, they are best suited for the business. Our services are designed to make a difference to human resource management through our unique methodologies.

Policies Development

Through our HR policy development services, we help clients develop and streamline the HR policies of their firms.These include hiring, disciplinary conduct, workplace violence, and other such matters. We consult clients throughout the process of policy development, implementation and evaluation.


positive Leap Management offers full-time, temporary, as well as part-time staffing solutions to clients. Our services cover all aspects of recruitment, beginning with sourcing and hiring to the induction of staff. We get you the right talent for all designations at all levels, from entry level trainees to executive personnel.

Training and Development

We offer specialized HR improvement interventions to assist clients in optimizing the productivity of their workforce. We implement HR strategies that align your workforce with your business objectives.

Employee engagement

We help companies ensure employee engagement by managing disparities between the individual needs of their employees through better stress management, analysis of policy shortcomings, promotion of work-life balance among employees, and streamlining individual objectives with that of the company’s.
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